RockJam 2173

The RockJam 2173 61-Key Keyboard is ideal for those looking for a fun way to learn basic skills and experiment with music. Because it features touch-sensitive keys, this keyboard is great for getting the feel of playing a real piano and allows for more accurate finger control. With a huge range of tones and digital effects, 12 demonstration songs, record and playback feature and 8 panel drums and 61 keyboard-activated drums (one for every key) this keyboard definitely delivers and really is a fully functional, affordable and accessible home keyboard.

128 Sounds & Rhythms To Experiment With
The RockJam 2173 features 100 auto-accompaniment settings and 129 voices to experiment with all of which are easy to access from the large, clear LCD display. This allows you to get just the right tone for your music. The buttons are clearly labelled and well laid out meaning you spend less time fiddling and more time playing.
12 Demo Songs/Record & Playback Feature
Choose from 12 different demo songs to help you get used to creating your own music. Record and play back your playing easily with the real time record and playback feature. This is especially rewarding for those just starting out and allows children to hear the progress they make and play back pieces to parents. Listening to yourself means you can really get to grips with how you need to improve your playing.
Panel Drums & Keyboard Activated Drums
The RockJam 2173 is also a mini drum kit with the 8 included percussion buttons easily accessible from the main panel as well as the 61 keyboard-activated drums (one for every key). This is a great way to experiment in building beats and rhythms for any budding percussionist and with a headphone output socket at the back of the keyboard you can “drum” away without inconveniencing others.

The keyboard also includes Chord Control allowing control of styles by single finger or fingered chords. Aspects of your sound such as Sustain, Vibrato and Transpose can also be modified with ease. This is a great way to gather inspiration and learn about different musical styles.
Learning the keyboard couldn’t be easier with practice features such as one-key chords, guide functions and an included music rest.

The RockJam 2173 is the ideal home keyboard for those looking to develop their piano skills. It also has enough scope to provide possibilities for future experimentation and innovation when you’re ready to progress further.

Box Contains:


  • RockJam 2173 Keyboard,
  • Mains Plug,
  • Cables,
  • Comprehensive User Guide


61 key touch sensitive digital keyboard

Full led display

128 tones, drum kit + 100 auto-accompaniments

Effects include sustain, vibrato and transposition function

Real time record and replay

Built in speakers

Sync / Fill-in / Intro / Ending

Chord control

Midi Output

Headphone Output

Product Dimenions: 101.8 x 42.8 x 16 cm

Weight: 7Kg