RockJam 558

The RockJam 558 Digital Keyboard features 54 keys and is the smallest in the RockJam range but is packed full of features in spite of its’ size. It is both practical and adaptable, with 8 demo songs, 100 sounds and 100 rhythms and gives easy access to on-board practice and teaching functions making it a fun and exciting way to learn basic skills and begin to experiment with keyboard music. The effect and control modes and accompaniment control modes allow you to add even more features to your music.

8 Demo Songs/Record & Playback Feature
Choose from 8 different demo songs to help you get used to creating your own music. Record and play back your playing easily with the record setting. The maximum recording capacity is 45 notes and the easy to read LED display lets you know once capacity has been reached by displaying FULL. Ideal for beginners and learners alike.

100 Sounds & Rhythms To Experiment With
Featuring 100 keyboard sounds and 100 rhythms to experiment with all of which are easy to access on a clearly labelled control panel with rubber buttons and an LED display giving you full keyboard functionality. The RockJam 558 is the perfect answer for any beginner looking to purchase their first keyboard. Choose from a variety of sounds – including piano to piccolo, organ, and many other orchestral instruments.

Effect And Control And Accompaniment Control
The RockJam 558 keyboard also has 3 different effects and controls helping you add more style and really fill the sound of your music. You can also play chords from a single key and learn and understand how chords are constructed.

Sustain Mode: The sound of each note played is prolonged when this mode is selected.
Vibrato Mode: When this mode is selected a trembling effect is added to the end of each note played.
Transpose: In transpose mode you can alter the musical scale of the note being played. You can adjust the scale by 6 levels upwards or downwards.
Single Finger Chords: With this mode you can hear different chord accompaniments by pressing certain keys on the left hand side of the keyboard.
Fingered Chords: Press the correct keys in the chord area on the left hand side of the keyboard and hear different chord accompaniments in this mode.

Easy To Use On-Board Practice / Teaching Functions
The on-board practise / teaching functions help you to fill your sound and play along with the main melody. With the rhythm programming function, you can construct a backing to your pieces that will help further inspire you.
With the option to use either mains power with the included power supply or batteries (not included) the RockJam 558 really is the ideal portable keyboard

Box Contains:

  • Keyboard
  • AC Adapter
  • Cables
  • Comprehensive User Guide


Number of Keys: 54

Built in Speakers: Yes

Dimensions: 898mm x 382mm x 146mm


Timbres: 100

Rhythms: 100

Percussions: 8

Demo Songs: 8


Tempo: Yes

Volume: Yes


Backing: Single Finger, Fingered Chord

One key/guide function: Yes

Sync/Fill in: Yes

Sustain/Vibrato: Yes

Rhythm Programming Function: Yes

Recording and Playback: Yes

Power Source: Mains power (included) or 6 x D Batteries (not included)