RockJam KP082PPBk

Get the karaoke party started with the fantastic RockJam Karaoke Party Pack. Contains two microphones and also includes 2 x karaoke CD+G discs packed with fantastic chart hits so you and a friend can sing along to your favorite artist.
Multi-coloured LED lights around the top of the machine enhance your performance turning it into a full-on sound and light spectacle.
Use the included AV cable (RCA type) to view CD+G lyrics and graphics on your TV. The Automatic Voice Control (AVC) and Echo Control add even more functions for you to enjoy.
CDG: An acronym for Compact Disc plus Graphics, this is a regular CD with information stored on a data track simultaneous to music. In laymen’s terms, CDG has a video output for simple graphics (not full motion video). In the case of karaoke, the graphics function is used to store song lyrics, and display the lyrics in synch with the music. In most cases, CDG software displays lyrics, which change colour as they are to be sung. A regular television is all that is required to display CDG lyrics.
Echo: Produced by creating minor controlled feedback in the singer’s voice, echo adds depth and resonance. The echo function does not affect the music.
Auto Voice Control (AVC): This useful function is used primarily during practice sessions while a singer is learning a song. Please note that the AVC function only works with multiplex recordings and not with standard audio recordings.

Box Contains:

1 x RockJam Karaoke Machine;2 x Microphones; A/V Cable, RCA Type; AC Adapter; 2 x 18 Song CD+G discs

Contains 2 x karaoke cd+g discs to get you started

Flashing led lights on top of the karaoke machine create a disco effect

Automatic voice control -replaces the original singers voice with yours when playing a karaoke cdg

Echo control -adds depth and resonance to the sound of your voice

2 digit red led display

Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 24.4 x 23.6 cm

Weight: 2.3Kg