Let it flow – Great little keyboard for beginners”

catherine burrows AMZ.co.uk

“Really fantastic product. My daughter has just started piano lessons and this was recommended by her teacher. She loves it and is on this daily. Awesome product!”

D Caley AMZ.co.uk
Easy to see why it's the EU's choice

The RockJam RJ661 Keyboard SuperKit quickly established itself as the best selling Keyboard Package throughout Europe and it is easy to see why. High in quality, supreme in value and housing all any keyboard musician could need.

A full suite of tools to learn

As well as the onboard learning tools the RJ661 Superkit ties in beautifully with the JoyTunes application which with it’s latest chart hits and intuitive design compliments the RJ661 superkit perfectly. Due to our affiliation with JoyTunes any purchaser of our super kit will be entitled with unique content.

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